Racial Misclassification

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What is Racial Misclassification?

Racial misclassification happens when an individual’s self-identified race is incorrectly recorded on official documents, such as death certificates, medical records, or in dental offices. Predominantly affecting the American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) community, this issue not only erodes the identity of individuals but also significantly impacts the representation and allocation of resources for the community. In this space, we delve deeper into this critical issue, concentrating on its manifestation in death certificates to underscore its profound implications on public health initiatives.

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The Importance of Data Integrity

Preserving the integrity of racial data is not just a matter of correct documentation; it is a firm stance against systemic discrepancies and for social justice. Reliable data is the bedrock of equitable public health initiatives, pinpointing existing disparities and guiding resource allocation. The AI/AN community frequently finds itself at the intersection of misclassification, a roadblock in the path of true equity and justice. We champion the cause of accurate data representation, pushing for truthfulness and fairness in data handling, thereby empowering the community to claim the resources and representation it rightly deserves.

Addressing Racial Misclassification

Addressing racial misclassification is pivotal in building a society grounded in equity and inclusivity. Our program pioneers training for individuals and organizations, equipping them with the knowledge and strategies to rectify and prevent misclassification in their communities. By fostering a collaborative approach, we are working towards a future where every individual’s racial identity is accurately recognized and honored in all facets of data collection and reporting.